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Join the battle against plastic pollution!

With the sustainable bathroom products I would like to contribute to a cleaner, plastic free and healthier planet and environment. Will you join me in my battle against plastic pollution?

It seems that one of the hardest places to reduce the use of plastic is in the bathroom. If you have a look at your own bathroom it will most likely be swamped with plastic… Therefore I want to help and encourage people who want to reduce their everyday use of plastic. And therefore, for anyone who wants to start contributing to a plastic free planet step by step, we thought of this simple solution so that you can start now within your own bathroom!

Check out my Shampoo and Hair Conditioner Bars for example. These bars are a great green alternative for regular shampoo and hair conditioning.

Did you know that one shampoo- or hair conditioner bar is the equivalent of 4 plastic bottles?! By selling the sustainable bathroom products I ultimately hope to create a community existing of ambitious people whom want to work together to achieve what we all wish for: a cleaner, plastic free and healthier planet and environment!

Contribute to the Justdiggit Foundation!

Per product sold EUR 0,50 will be set aside and contributed automatically to the Justdiggit foundation. Justdiggit makes dry land green again by capturing rainwater and introducing sustainable agriculture to create healthy ecosystems. This creates local benefits for communities and the environment. Because healthy economies require healthy ecosystems. Now and in the future.

What are Shampoo Bars?

Shampoo- and Conditioner bars are shampoo and conditioner in solid form.

The bars do not contain any palm oil or other material which can have a negative impact on the environment. Instead, the bars contain different blend of natural plant- and essential oils. Lastly, no plastic is used which is important in order to fight against the plastic pollution.

Join my community now!

If not you, who? If not now, when?


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